Saturday, August 2, 2014

Can aquaponic, bioponic, and hydroponic become dangerous ?

I wonder how dangerous aquaponic, bioponic, and hydroponic can become...
Harmful algal bloom (HAB) are capable of producing a number of toxins that may pose a risk to human and animal health. HABs occur when excess nitrogen and phosphorus are present in lakes and streams. Such nutrients can come from runoff of over-fertilized fields and lawns, from malfunctioning septic systems and from livestock pens

Monday, April 21, 2014

Frogs have an anti-bacterial bio-film on their skin

Frogs have an anti-bacterial bio-film on their skin.  In fact there is an ancient Russian practice of placing a frog in milk to keep it fresh longer.    My bioponic systems are teaming with frogs and tadpoles.  Nitrification continues but it makes me wonder if I'm deriving a special advantage from the frogs that may help prevent diseases such as bacterial canker, soft rot, leaf spot, and wilt.  I rarely experience these problems, so maybe it's a gift from the frogs.  At night their singing it very loud but I like the sounds of nature..

Monday, February 3, 2014

Using Humona (human urine) for Fertilizer

When I read this article I felt validated.  I've been promoting the use of urine and weed tea as a replacement for fertilizer created from petroleum.  Urine contains nitrogen and phosphorous as well as many other trace elements necessary to plants.

In order to sanitize urine, it can either be stored for 30 days in a sealed tank at room temperature, or heated for 30 minutes in a solar pasteurizer.

I work at home so I was able to save about 70% of the urine I produced, and in 2013 I easily filled a 55 gallon drum.  This will drum remained sealed for at least 3 months. 

Since the urine is added the system's water and the water wickes up through the soil I see no possibility of contamination, but others may not feel comfortable so I will let the humona (human urine) age for their peace of mind.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nutrient Imbalance

Nate Storey has done it again!

Figuring out nutrient imbalance is in my opinion the most difficult thing about aquaponics.  Nate really lays it out in an easy to understand method for us to determine a course of action when our plants begin to look a bit peeked. I would post the link  to the KEY he has developed for diagnosing these problems right here, but I feel that you should go to Nate's site and find his offer.   When asked to register just do it.  You will be pleasantly surprised.

Videos by Nate's


Friday, January 10, 2014

Good Air Pump


I found this air pump that seems to be exactly what most of us would want.
The AP 100 is quiet at 45db.
It pumps 144 liters per minute at zero head pressure
And the pressure is outstanding - 181 inches of water, but they conservatively claim 11 feet! 
100 Watts is not bad either.
It even comes with a rebuild kit!


This General Hydroponics air pump is Extremely Quiet has a lot of pressure (84" of water) which is required for many air lift situations. 20 liters per minute is not earth shaking but it's enough to air lift the water for my Earthan Beds. 

The quiet operation and psi of this little $69.00 pump really impress me.  General Hydroponics does not state in db how much noise is made, but I think it could be placed next to a living room aquarium.  The sound of the bubbles would probably be louder than the pump.

Another good air pump is the Hakko.  Here are the specs of the six modles they build.
Hakko25 - 21 liters per minute, 17w, 3.7 psi (32dB)
Hakko40 - 51 liters per minute, 40w, 5.5 psi (35dB)
Hakko60 - 68 liters per minute, 63w 6.7 psi (38dB)
Hakko80 - 86 liters per minute, 85w, 7.8 psi (38 dB)
Hakko100 - 105 liters per minute,116w, 6.5 psi (40dB)
Hakko120 - 121 liters per minute,126w, 7.8 psi (42dB

For large air I have used the Active Aqua 70 lpm and the Eco-Plus 7 with 200 lpm.  Both of these are very loud.  My Active Aqua 70 lpm destroyed itself in less than a year.  The Eco-Plus 7 has been in continuous use for about a year and it runs much cooler due to the larger fin size.  Eco-Plus 7 is the better pump in my opinion.   Mine uses 60 to 90 Watts even though it's rated at 200W.  It also will pump to a depth of 84".

I have no experience with the Elemental O2 Commercial Air Pumps but the
571 gph/43 lpm delivers 2.47psi
951 gph/72 lpm delivers 3.48 psi from 41watts
1157 gph/87.6 lpm delivers 4.64psi

1 pound per square inch = 27.6704523 inches of water.