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Commonly Farmed Fish
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Interesting Facts about Mosquitofish
Mosquitoes are very annoying. We all know that! You must have come across various methods of mosquito control. But have you ever heard of a tiny fish that can help you in getting rid of mosquitoes? Yes, a fish known as "Mosquitofish", is capable of doing that! Go through this article to know interesting facts about it.

Interesting Facts about Alligator Gar
The Alligator Gar is not your average water-based predator. It comes from an ancient dinosaur lineage, is deadly in hunting approach and action and sadly, is quite difficult to find in the wild, due to fishing and loss of natural habitat. Read on, to learn more about this rare fish species.

How to Take Care of Asian Arowanas
The Asian Arowana fish is one of the most popular choices to make for pets, owing to their magnificent colors and the fact that they have been given importance in several cultures. In the following article, we will take you through the correct methods of how to care for these fish.

Non Aggressive Freshwater Fish
Just because a fish looks pretty, doesn't make it is nice. You have to be very careful about the species you add into one aquarium, as not all can coexist. Learn about the types of non aggressive freshwater fish, which are suitable with one another.

Electric Eel Facts
There are misconceptions about the electric eel. The electric eel facts will help in clearing all these misconceptions. In this write up, we will read in detail about this remarkable animal.

Gulper Eel Facts
Gulper eel is a weird looking eel-like fish, which is mostly found in the deep seas. Read on to know more about the Gulper eel facts, that is otherwise known as pelican eel or umbrella mouthed gulper eel.

Butterfly Fish Facts
According to butterfly fish facts, these fish are called so due to the bright and colorful patterns found on their body. Wish to know some more interesting facts on butterfly fish? Read on.

Butterfly Fish Care
If you are going to include butterfly fish in your aquarium, then you would want to be informed about butterfly fish care. This write up, will give you all the needful information for caring for butterfly fish.

African Butterfly Fish
Some interesting facts about the African butterfly fish have been compiled in this article for your reference. Read this article and know about this surface dweller...

Longnose Hawkfish
Longnose hawkfish is an interesting species of fish found in the Indo-Pacific waters. In this article, let us take a look at the longnose hawkfish and its behavior...

Different Types of Fish to Eat
There are different types of fish to eat, that we can indulge in, although we'd still need to know how to balance our intake in terms of portions. Are all fish safe to eat? We answer that query in this write-up...

Most Aggressive Fish
Do you pan to buy new fish for your aquarium and want to know the name of the most aggressive fish, so that you do not choose the wrong fish? You have reached the right place. Scroll down to know to find out.

Kinds of Fish
There are various kinds of fish, but they are mostly divided into freshwater and saltwater fish. Here we give you a list of different breeds of fish both in the sea water and river water. Read on...

How do Fish Mate
Similar to other living things on the planet, fish mate as well. To understand how do fish mate, go through the article for clear and precise information.

Freshwater Fish Diseases
Freshwater fish are always prone to diseases over a prolonged period of time. So let's scour through a list of freshwater fish diseases and understand the causes, symptoms and treatments.

Perch Fish Information
Looking for perch fish information? The following article contains interesting perch fish facts. Perch are very good to eat and many restaurants are known for their delicious perch dishes. Read on to know perch fish nutrition facts...

Freshwater Algae Eaters
There are different species of freshwater algae eaters that can be purchased for your fish tank. Read more to find out which freshwater algae eating fish are best suited for you.

Pond Fish Types
With so many varieties of fish available, making a choice for a garden pond can be quite difficult. This article on pond fish types will guide on different pond fish types, that live longer, are attractive and safe for a pond.

Cartilaginous Fish
Cartilaginous fish are a species of fish that are vertebrates or who have a back bone. Read on for more information on cartilaginous fish and cartilaginous fish list.

Stargazer Fish
Stargazer fish is an amazing creature with some unique characteristics. Read this article to enrich your knowledge with some interesting facts about stargazer fish.

Perch Fish Facts
Perch fish are a colorful breed of fish. They are one of the most abundantly available fish species. Read this article on 'perch fish facts' to know about this fish species.

Why Are Eels Slippery?
Most people are creeped out by eels because they're slimy, but that slipperiness is actually there for a reason.

Transparent Fish
Can you imagine the existence of transparent fish? Yes, a very few fish species have a transparent see-through body, which enables you to see their body parts without dissection.

Prehistoric Fish
Prehistoric fish represents the earliest fish species, which had survived prior to recorded history. Nevertheless, a few prehistoric fish still manage to live today and are called living fossils. Read on to know more...

Fish Parasites
There is a wide range of fish parasites. Some of the fish parasites along with a few symptoms of parasitic infestation are briefly described in this article. Read on...

Swim Bladder Disease
This article will help you to spot a swim bladder disease by explaining the symptoms, and will provide guidelines on preventing and treating this disease for the aquarium fish.

Blood Parrot Fish
Have you ever heard about blood parrot fish? If your answer is no, then read this article to know about this beautiful fish breed.

Parrot Fish Care
Blood-red parrot fish are very popular pets. However, to ensure their good health the pet owners need to maintain the factors concerning parrot fish care...

Parrot Fish Info
Find here all the parrot fish info, and how to take care of parrot fish.

Pop Eye Fish Disease
Pop eye fish disease is a condition in which one or both eyes of the fish bulge to a bubble. The eye looks grotesque and needs to be treated as soon as possible. Poor water quality is the major reason why fish get infected with this pop eye disease.

Carnivorous Fish
If you are a carnivorous fish lover, then you should be aware about a few important facts about it. To know everything about the carnivorous fish, read on...

Porcupine Fish
The porcupine fish is one of the most interesting creatures of the aquatic life. This article will give you more information on porcupine fish, its diet, habitat and some fascinating facts. Read on.

Blowfish Facts
As the name suggests, blowfish can inflate themselves into a ball and scare their predators. Read on to know more about some amazing blowfish facts.

Unnatural Abominations or Colorfully Enhanced? - The Difference Between Glofish and Dyed or Tattooed Fish
Glofish were created by scientists as an experiment and used to detect harmful chemicals in water, but now they've made their way into pet stores. How are they different from unnaturally dyed or tattooed varieties of fish?

Exotic Freshwater Fish
Let us look at the 10 most exotic freshwater fish, which you can put in an aquarium...

Leafy Sea Dragon Facts
Leafy sea dragon is one of those amazing marine fish, which has leaf-like protrusions all over its body. Let us take a look at some of the interesting leafy sea dragon facts.

Different Types of Fish
Till date, scientists have identified more than 25,000 different types of fish species. In this article, we will discuss the different types of edible fish and those which are kept as pets.

Powder Blue Tang
Powder blue tang is an active saltwater fish that is popular for its color. Despite its beauty, it is advised that only experienced aquarium hobbyists go for the powder blue tang, as care for the fish requires expert hands.

Do Fish Sleep?
Do fish sleep; is this a constant thought in your head? And if they do, how and when do fish sleep? Read on to clear your doubts on fishes and their sleeping habits, and to learn other amazing facts on sleeping habits of other animals.

Safe Fish to Eat
Levels of mercury often overshadows the benefits of fish. Hence, it helps for us to know the safe fish to eat. Here is a list of safe fish to eat and those that should be avoided due to high level of mercury that they contain. Read on...

Herring Fish Facts
Herring fish are characterized by a small head and a bright silvery, sleek body. They are widely found in the shallow waters of North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans. Discover some amusing herring fish facts with this article.

Largemouth Bass Facts
Largemouth Bass, the state fish of five US states, is a popular catch. They are fierce predators of the freshwater lakes. Read on to know some interesting largemouth bass facts.

Types of Freshwater Fish
Earth, the Blue Planet, has 70% of its surface covered with water, out of which 97.5% comprises saltwater and 2.5% comprises freshwater. The freshwater homes different types of freshwater fish and hundreds of them are kept by hobbyists or raised by professionals.

Frankenfish: The Great Snakehead
A fish that is native to Southeast Asia is wreaking havoc in the United States.

Algae Eating Fish
Algae has always been a part and parcel of fish tanks. Though, it could be controlled through many ways, introducing some algae-eating fish is one of the best options. Let us find out the popular fish used for this purpose.

Circulatory System of a Fish
The heart as well as the circulatory system of a fish, are very simple in their constitution. The heart acts as the main pumping organ, the blood vessels circulate blood within the body and the gills facilitate the absorption of oxygen and elimination of carbon dioxide. Learn more about the circulatory system of a fish.

Leafy Sea Dragon
The leafy sea dragon is a fascinating marine fish. The name itself signifies the characteristic leaf-like projections emanating from the entire body. Discover some really interesting facts about the leafy sea dragon.

Anatomy of a Fish
Around 25,000 different species of fish, ranging from the 7.9 mm Paedocypris to the 40 ft Whale Shark, have been identified on the planet. Let's have a peek into the life of these underwater inhabitants to understand their anatomy and fascinating mechanisms.

What Do Fish Eat?
The fish don't just eat anything they find in the ocean, their feeding habits differ on the basis of species to which they belong. Some of the fish are even herbivorous! Let us find more information on the diet of fish.

Deep Ocean Fish
Ever wondered what type of fish inhabit the deepest zone in the ocean? Here is a list of several deep ocean fish species that are adapted with peculiar features.

Flounder Fish
The flounder fish is known for an unusual change in its body structure, especially the position of its eyes. This astonishing fish goes through an unbelievable transmutation that takes it from a normal appearing fish at birth to a round flatfish at maturity. Let's get to know a little more about the flounder fish.

California State Fish - Golden Trout
Golden trout, the state fish of California, is a native to the Kern plateau, which is characterized by high altitude and long winters. Read on to know more about Golden trout.

What do Piranhas Eat
Piranha is a freshwater fish. It is known for its extremely sharp teeth. What do piranhas eat? What do they feed on? Read on to find out...

Types of Fish
Fish are aquatic creatures found throughout the globe. There are about 28,000 species of fish. Read on to know more about types of fish.

Fish Scale Beauty And Jewelry
Jaquin, a French man discovered what is called today the "Essence d'orient", which is that natural fish silver. Since, we have it both on jewelry and cosmetics all over the world. See more where the glow of your lipstick comes from!

Interesting Facts About Starfish
The depths of the ocean can reveal many amazing sea creatures! Here are some interesting facts about starfish that can brief you about loads of things regarding this sea animal.

Freshwater Fish
Read on for information on some of the common freshwater fish families...

Cuttlefish Facts
Known as the chameleon of the sea, the cuttlefish, as the name suggests, is not even a fish! Read on to know more about some interesting facts about the cuttlefish.

Flying Fish
It's definitely not a bird neither a plane! The flying fish have been an object of curiosity because of their ability to glide through the air. Read on to know some interesting facts about the flying fish.

Puffer Fish
The puffer fish is a unique creature with all sorts of distinctive features. Read more about it here.

Parental Responsibility in the Fishy World
Fish are amazing creatures capable of enormous sacrifice just to accomplish a goal…that of procreation. Some fish also take great care of their young. See more in this article.

A Wonderful Fishy World
Always surprising, the world of fish is an abundant spring of unexpected experiences. For instance the electric eel can output so much electricity to electrocute an adult person! Other fish like to have their own flashlights...not necessarily only to see better in the deep but have a delicious meal. See more about fish in the article below.

Piranhas: Busting a few myths
Piranhas have a reputation of being one of the world's fearsome predators. They are said to be able to strip a cow to its bone in seconds. But can they really do this? Do they deserve this reputation?

Candiru: Vampire Fish
The amazing tale of a fish that lodges itself in the genitals of men and women in the Amazon river.

FDA: Fish Intended for Humans Were Fed Tainted Food
Federal authorities looking into the recent addition of melamine and related compounds into pet food that caused thousands of cats to fall ill made another startling discovery when they found that fish had been fed meal contaminated by melamine.

Bluegills: Not Just for Fishermen Anymore
A common type of fish that just about every kid in America has caught at some time or another is now being enlisted by the government to help in the fight against terrorism.