Sunday, May 27, 2012

Black Soldier Flies In My Compost

While watering my compost pile I noticed a lot of Black Soldier Flies.
These flies are prized for their larvae, and many people raise them for chicken and fish food.
They are extremely beneficial and will help decompose compost very quickly. They will also help to keep pesky House Flies away and will not bother people like House Flies

Soon i will build a Black Soldier Fly barrel and begin to raise the larvae for my fish.

Here's another design from Chris Smith at Coastview Aquaponics - very simple and inexpensive.

Along the same lines is this house fly composter.  At first you might ask why would I want to attract house flies.  But if the chickens are eating virtually every maggot they will not survive long enough to reproduce.  In fact the chickens will also eat flies. 
My neighbors dogs are responsible for the flies, this is another way to control the populations.

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