Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Regenerative Blower

I bought a Hydrofarm ActiveAqua 70 lpm air pump at the beginning of June.  About a week ago it started to make a self destructive noise that became unbearable. 
In a pinch for air I bought an EcoPlus 7 air pump.

  I like this new EcoAir pump. 
 EcoPlus Commercial Air 7 - 200 Watts - outputs 200 liters/minute @ 5.1 PSI -  It will pump as deep as 141”  1/2" ID TUBING
EcoPlus Commercial Air 5 -   80 Watts - outputs 80 liters/minute @ 4.2 PSI    -  It will pump as deep as 116”
EcoPlus Commercial Air 3 -   35 Watts - outputs 65 liters/minute @ 3.9 PSI    - It will pump as deep as 107”
These run much cooler and slightly less noisy,  but I've been on the hunt for a good deal on a Regenerative Blower and today won an e-Bay bid for an Ametek Rotron EG DR083.   This is an ultra quiet 18.4 cubic feet per minute air blower.  That's equal to 521.03 liters per minute!  It should draw about 100 Watts, but it will push air nearly 24 " deep. 

The Hydrofarm ActiveAqua pushed 70 lpm at zero inches.  This regenerative blower will deliver 70 lpm 20" deep!
My thinking on this is that I may be able to pump water while aerating.  Looks like I'll be getting back into air lifts. 
The main reason I wanted this pump is dependability.  A piston pump seems to me like a self destructive device by it's very nature, and besides that they are loud and annoying.

 This short video contains good information about air pumps, blowers, and distribution systems


  1. Now that you have the new blower pump is it really less noisy than the old piston pump you had before???

    1. I will receive the new blower on Tuesday, but The Reef Connection an aquarium store here in Chico has a blower that supplies all the air for the entire store. I'd guess there are about 50 tanks. That blower is very quite. The bubbles breaking the surface make more noise than the pump.