Friday, November 23, 2012

System Tours

 These are some system tours I like.

Rob Torcellini's Videos

Rob is a perfectionist and an artistic builder.  With 50 videos and counting he has documented one of the most beautiful garden rooms ever built.  His design is well thought out and includes one of my favorite videos about the Rocket Mass Stove he built to heat his aquaponic sanctuary.
Aloha Mahi'ai Aquaponics

Important issues such as aeration, and power consumption are discussed in this video.  The FaceBook page above is alive with many more systems from around the world.

Near the end of this video the aeration system is shown.  It works by creating a strong vortex which draws air down into the water as it exits into the fish tank.

Larry Reinhardt 's Videos

Larry is not focused on Aquaponics and these videos could be better, but he has built two impressive aquaculture systems in his backyard.   I liked these videos because he uses nothing but air to pump the water in his 3000 gallon system and has a very simple filtration system which he calls the manure chamber.  It requires very little time to clean.

Larry shows his filter system

A tour of  Larry's Aquaculture System
He briefly shows construction of his plywood tanks

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