Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Micro Greens

Today I purchased a Sure To Grow pad and seeds for a salad mix.
I will follow the instructions as detailed in the videos at Growing

This is the first of seven.  They also sell seeds at a very fair price.

Below is a commercial farm.

At this point (4 days) these radish sprouts in the Bio-Char taste pretty good.  Two days later they began to loose their bite.
The Sure to Grow sprouts above have been growing for 3 days and have been exposed to light for just 2 hours

Here they are two days later.


They are not ready but they taste good.  I'm keeping them covered with a clear plastic dome and continuing to spray twice daily with clean water.   The sprouts in the Bio-Char are past their prime as sprouts.  I'll thin them out and let them grow into radishes.

I like the way these guys grow without the mat in the bottom.  This produces a product that does not require trimming and there is no added cost of the mat.

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