Monday, January 2, 2012

To insultate or not

Today on the Aquaponics Community website in the Arizona Aquaponics Forum , I raised the question about the cost effectiveness of insulating the tanks and grow beds, 

My intention has been to build this system outdoors, and grow seasonally appropriate crops, and raise fish that would endure the cold of winter.  But Kellen Weissenbach  has pointed me in a whole new direction.

Basically Kellen showed me that I could do a lot to improve my green house at a minimal expense.  By building the system inside, the additional thermal mass of a 275 gallon fish tank, 150 gallon sump tank, and the additional mass of the gravel grow beds might make the indoor system a better choice.  I hope to have my calculations done soon and know which path I will follow. 

If you are interested in the entire exchange CLICK HERE.


The 4' high 10' long south facing window has proven adequate for house plants and seed starts, but barely enough light to grow lettuce. I use the room for cuttings, seed starts and over wintering sensitive plants.  I do enjoy the atmosphere with running water, fish and vegetation, but my gardening is done outside under open air structures that keep the rain out of the systems.

Artificial light helped, but it's too expensive.

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