Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Aquaponic grow room

I've begun to build my grow room inside my shop.
Over the years I have saved materials from various construction jobs.
So far all of the materials have been free.
As the project progresses I will add new photos.

Today I established a 30 gallon tank by using water and gavel from my existing pond.  Water is clearing slowly, but the real test will be when I check to see how well it's handling the ammonia.

Here is something interesting.  The bacteria in my pond filter failed to quickly establish a biological bacteria in my new filter.  I added (about 8 cups gravel in a 30 gallon tank) At first I thought the bacteria either went dormant or died in the winter, but when added to ammonia to the established system quickly converts to nitrate so it must be that it more inoculant  is required.

Windows are temporarily held in place.

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  1. First and foremost what is an aquaponics systems? For someone new to the concept simply put it is the marriage of aquaculture (which is raising fish) & the practice of hydroponics (cultivating plant life). Okay then how does it work? Your fish waste accumulates in the fish tank which is circulated to your growing beds to feed your plants; this waste is toxic to the fish but beneficial to your plants because it is rich in nutrients. Plants cultivated using this method is referred to as a hydroponic system; in return the plants cleanse the water for your fish from deadly toxins and the water is circulated throughout the system completing an aquaponics system. The water in this type of system is never released or exchanged and only the evaporated water needs to be replaced. aquaponics