Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Midge AKA Chironomus riparius not Camallanus!

Thank you  John Malone and  Dr. George B. Brooks, Jr.  for your persistent help with this. 
You are correct.  It is Midge AKA Chironomus riparius not Camallanus!
I think the tell tale features are the body segments and the narrow pointy tail.

       Camallanus                               This is my worm                        Midge AKA Chironomus riparius

These worms are really small.  I had to take about 20 pictures to get just a couple that were any good.  These worms are so hard to see I had to wait until I could use full sunlight.

This is focused through the extra high magnification spot of a magnify glass.  My camera is set at maximum zoom and I still had to make it bigger with the computer!

I still moved the fish from the fish tank over to the raft tank.   I looked carefully to sex the fish, and looked for protruding camallanus.  None were found.    I was not very successful at determining the sex as they all seemed to have two holes.  Maybe it's determined by how close together those holes are. 

In any case I'm very happy to have them in a tank where I can view them.  I plan to rebuild my 800 gallon tank to a depth of only 18" with an extra 8" to the top edge of the tank.  That will make a 340 gallon tank. 

Two of the largest fish or maybe one really stupid fish jumped out today.  Dang that must have hurt because it's 4' to the floor. Is there a rule of thumb about how high the sides must be?

After reading about Midge I became absolutely certain because my grow room has been filled with what I thought were mosquitoes. Hundreds of them; I thought it strange that I never got bit.  They do not fly away when I place my finger on them, so I have been feeding them to the fish one at a time.

Thanks again for your help!

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