Monday, December 17, 2012

Annoying Abusive Scam

This is a recent comment to one of my blog posts.  I expect this 'person' will quickly delete his comment so I'm re-posting it, and my response here for all to see.  There are some people who are making money off aquaponics that I truly respect.  This guy 'Gaurav Joshi' is not one of them.  I advise you not to even click on anything that sends you to appears to me as a malicious site that traps your browser.  The company has now stooped to posting ads on blog sites related to aquaponics.  Is trapping browsers, and spamming blog sites a practice of any reputable company?   I believe Gauray Joshi's business ''  is an Annoying Abusive Scam.




After reading the last post here, you already know that Aquaponics is very profitable in the sense of time space and expense.
Now, today I am gonna tell you about all the benefits of Aquaponics


  1. I want to take this opportunity to tell my readers to stay away from you. I find your advertising techniques obnoxious, and I expect the products you push are worthless. Take your get rich schemes elsewhere. People like you disgust me.

    Do us all a favor and take down your "Aquaponics 4 You.COM" site and go away. 

    Some of us are spreading GOOD advice and guess what - we do it for free.


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