Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rocket Mass Stove

I've mentioned this before, but this is such a neat way to heat that I wanted to make an entry just for Rocket Mass Stoves and include the best videos and links I have found.  

Paul Wheaton from demonstrates in this first 2 minute video just how efficient the Rocket Mass Stove is.  You see this video frame here where this lady has her face over the flue pipe.  The heat and fumes from the flue are warm not hot and very clean.  I hope you will explore the videos at  It is one of my favorite sites!


Efficiency is the key to heating a green house.

This simple low tech stove with exceptionally high efficiency is something anybody could build.
Why do we continue the spend thousands on air tight stoves that pollute and burn more wood?

Below is another favorite video educator.  Rob Torcellini shows the details of how he built a Rocket Mass Stove to heat his greenhouse.  The same stove could heat your house.

Add a self feed bin for pellets!  This is how Rob did it.

Rob has taken the Rocket Mass Stove to a very sophisticated level. His excellent engineering skills and preparations while building his green house have payed off well.

Hear are some more ideas

I've included this video because it demonstrates the effectiveness of a rocket mass stove


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