Sunday, February 5, 2012

Evaporative Cooler Design

Yesterday I installed a whole house fan in the grow room. I could purchase an evaporation cooler but I've never been trilled with the designs. This is my design similar but better IMHO than a MasterCool. I will duct the air from this cooler into the room and let the whole house fan pull the cool air in.
Click Here for my SketchUp Files

This is the water section of an evaporation cooler. It contains three sub-sections, the Drip (Gray), Filter(Blue), and Reservoir (Yellow). A squirrel cage fan connected to the back face draws air through the filter section. The drip section contains 1/2" PVC drip tubes. This top section is removable in order to replace the paper pads The paper pads are supported front, back and bottom with 1/2" PVC in the filter section The filter section is made of fiberglass. A pump and float sit in a fiberglass reservoir section providing easy access. The filter section can be stacked with only one drip section (Gray) at the top and only one reservoir section at the bottom. This will create an even larger cooling unit I was not able to extrude the drip pipes or connect the pump as I would like.

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