Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fluidized Moving Bed Experiments

I was eagerly running the tests below when I started to explain my reasons for looking outside of conventional aquaponic methods to Rob Nash who questioned my reasoning. While writing I came full circle and saw that he was right. It comes down to adding more media beds not creating a great bio filter without plants 

I've been saying it's all about the Nitrates and began to see that as my primary goal. I kinda got off track, and lost focus from the real goal which is to provide Nitrates to as much high density growing space as possible.

I've got to quit thinking like an aquarium owner and more like a farmer. .But Moving Bed Filters have the place in aquariums and aquaculture.  I ended up using the test bottle in my aquarium as a vibration filter and I created this post anyhow since it might help someone else either avoid the derailed course I had set.

It might spark an idea that willl lead to a low cost replacement to the expensive alternatives.

Evaluation of Alternative Moving Bed Media 

This was my first test using pumice.  

Second test using climbing rope

Third test using a variety of media

This is my vibration filter. This 40 gallon tank needed a little more bio filtration. 

This bottle was left over from the moving bed media experiments and worked well.
It's a little too tall to place it in my sump, so it's in the aquarium.  
I got the basic idea for a vibration filter from TYNE VALLEY AQUATICS, but I added an air line to give it full aeration and a bit more shake.

Here's a design that looks promising

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