Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fluidized Sand Filter using Airlift

Rob Nash asked me why I was doing this, I started to explain my reasons for looking outside of conventional aquaponic methods.  While writing I came full circle and saw that he was right.   It comes down to adding more media beds.  
I've been saying it's all about the Nitrates and began to see that as my primary goal.  I kinda got off track from the real goal which is to provide Nitrates to as much high density growing space as possible.
I've got to quit thinking like an aquarium owner and more like a farmer.

But I'll keep this post available because the mistakes I make are something others might be able to learn from.

I'm still playing around with ideas for a fluidized sand filter.  I would really like it to run on airlift.

Here's a concept drawing.   I have done some small scale experimenting, and I'm feeling like these concepts shown here may not work.  Joey's videos below demonstrate a proven system using both an air pump and a water pump.

* Further design has taken me away from Airlift Pumps and static bio filters, and into Moving Bed Filtration using an impeller pump. 

This idea may be a starting point for design, but my recent tests have shown that fluidization would be difficult to achieve as shown. 

Uaru Joey has a couple very good videos. 

Starting at 17:45 Joey talks about the amount of K-1 and other helpful specifications

Starting at 17:45 Joey talks about the amount of K-1 and other helpful specifications 

Here is a low cost filter I made as an experiment. 

I'll keep you updated.  I'd like to hear suggestion.
CLICK HERE for my Moving Bed Media experiments

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