Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vertical Garden Sausage

This is my Vertical Garden Sausage.  After pricing pipe and stacking gardens I started thinking about ways to do it less expensively. 
This is made of fiberglass reenforced weed cloth.  I glued the seems with Goop Marine Glue and filled it with Perlite.  I imaging other media such as compost or Vermiculite could be used instead.
I was able to use the same pump that I pump water into my fish tank to drip water into the top. 
The advantage I see in vertical gardening that the produce is within easy reach, less media than a standard grow bed is used, plenty of aeration,  easy to manage in sections. 
Seeds can be started directly in to sausage, but I had these seedling and used them to get it going.

Nine Days Later

I've made more since first posting this and have been using regular Type 1 silicon.   Type 1 silicon is safe for fish.

Nate Storey shared his vertical setup

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